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11 Sep 2012

Stire: I-COM 2012 Rome

The I-COM Summits - Digital's Data Champions. On October 14-18th 2012 in Rome will be a unique opportunity for our community from around the world to work on the future of Digital Data & Measurement.

I-COM Summits Rome
The I-COM is the official industry backed international forum for exploring Data & Measurement issues facing the Digital Marketing Industry, with the goals of showcasing meaningful innovation and working toward consensus on best practices.
Every two years, the I-COM Summits brings together the preeminent international community of Digital's Data Champions from around the world to work on the future direction of Data & Measurement. This year, the I-COM Summits will take place in Rome, Italy from Oct 14-18th, 2012 featuring various event segments: Emerging Market Regions Summit, Big Data Venture Challenge, Knowledge Centre, Data Creativity Awards and Global Summit Conference.
I-COM Global Summit Conference
The theme of Global Summit Conference is 'Big Data: Game Changing Strategies that drive your Brand'. Over the years, I-COM has been focusing on the opportunity to leverage insight and value from data, a key aspect of the Big Data trend. I-COM’s holistic approach of connecting the silos of countries, media channels and measurement sciences fits well with the Big Data imperative of combining different data sets to create new insights to increase efficiency and discover new opportunities. The I-COM Global Summit Conference will explore the Big Data trend, its particular significance to Digital Marketing and cover key Data & Measurement topics such as Social, Mobile, Multi-Screen, Advertising Effectiveness and Man vs Machine. The complete list of topics can be found by clicking on the following link
I-COM Emerging Market Regions Summit
This event is the first of its kind to explore the common Digital Data & Measurement issues across all the major four emerging market regions: APAC (Asia Pacific), CEE (Central & Eastern Europe), Ibero-America (Iberia, LATAM & US Hispanics) & MEA (Middle East North Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa). Together with Patronage from around the world, we are holding the first I-COM Emerging Market Regions Summit on Oct 14-15th, integrated with the I-COM Global Summit at the same venue.
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