SATI DMP is a data management platform, integrated with SATI, the Internet Audience and Traffic Measurement.

Like any DMP platform, it allows a wide range of data collection:

  • profiling and segmenting online users on various criteria;
  • using segments in online advertising trading;
  • optimizing site content and customizing it for different user categories;
  • performing detailed analysis and audience segmentation.

SATI DMP is a syndicated project in which a significant part of web publishers have developed the platform to provide credibility, transparency, comparability and efficient use of the measured results of online users over more than 100 sites listed on the platform.

BRAT's DMP has the following, distinctive features:

  • it includes over 100 Romanian sites, being the largest platform of its kind in Romania;
  • its integration into the SATI system allows the widest range of analysis and segmentation of online users, providing the advertising industry with the required results for professional, efficient and automated planning;
  • it is integrated with all ad delivery systems, which facilitates planning, delivery and evaluation of ad campaigns;
  • it offers comparability and credibility of the provided results by collecting integrated data directly into the platform and profiling through unique methods, selected and accepted by online industry;
  • the platform structure offers transparency in how to collect, profile and segment the results, providing the necessary security in advertising expenditures;
  • the joint participation of publishers, agencies, advertisers within SATI DMP as well as the control they exercise during the specific activities of DMP flow guarantee the independence of the results. This is an essential attribute of trust for the data used in automated online advertising.