BRAT (Romanian Joint Industry Committee for Print and Internet)

BRAT is a non for profit, independent, tripartite organization for the media and advertising industry, whose members are publishers (media owners), media agencies and advertisers. BRAT is the JIC (Joint Industry Committee) conducting in Romania the print and the online media measurement and audit. BRAT is also the ABC Romania (Audit Bureau of Circulation).

The mission of our organization is to provide support for the media and advertising companies through the establishment of standards and methodologies for measuring media performance.
BRAT provides the following services:
Audit of circulation – represents the activity of auditing the circulation figures of print and electronic publications using the standards and methodologies established by the members of the organization. The results of the audit of circulation are available on the website at Circulation Figures. 
National Readership Survey (SNA) – the study measures the audience of print publication, establishing the readership “currency” for the print advertising market. The results of the National Readership Survey are available on the website at Print Readership Results.
Consumption - Target Group Survey (SNA FOCUS) - the survey that measures a comprehensive range of consumer characteristics, behaviour and attitudes, like demographics, product, services and brand usage, media usage and lifestyle. It collects single source information, so any question can be referred to any other question on the survey, whether applicable to media, demographics,the  use of product/services categories or brands, or lifestyles. It allows targeting and various complex market analysis. 
Internet Audience Measurement (SATI) - the study measures the audience and socio-demographic profiles of websites, together with their traffic data. The results of the study are available on the websites in Traffic Results and Internet Audience Results.
Ad Expenditure (MIP) –the study evaluates the volume of advertising media expenditure in print, radio, online, and outdoor. The information is available for each media, as advertising space and money spent volumes at rate card for all the relevant media.
BRAT’s main attributes for the Romanian market are:
  • Transparency
  • Independent figures, provided by an independent organization
  • Credible figures, obtained using up-to-date standards and methodologies selected and  approved by the media and advertising representatives
  • Comparable figures – all media is measured using the same rules, standards and methodologies