Internet Audience and Traffic Measurement (SATI)
SATI is the study measures the audience and socio-demographic profiles of websites, together with their traffic data establishing the readership “currency” for the online advertising market in Romania.
SATI provides the following types of results:the audience of the websites
  • socio – demographic profiles of the viewers of any website
  • general results regarding media usage lifestyle and other consumption information
  • the traffic data of any website

The main traffic indicators are available at the Traffic Results Page, the main audience results are available at the Internet Audience Results Page and the socio – demographic profiles of the websites are available at Profile page.
Simple or more complex analysis using the data, together with planning for online advertising campaigns can be performed in the specialized software. Custom reports are also available, by request.
If you are interested in accessing the entire database through the software or purchasing a custom report please contact us